10 Things That Upset a Narcissist

10 Things That Upset a Narcissist

Narcissists are impatient and impulsive individuals. They share a similar life motto: “What narcissists want, narcissists get.” Considering their anger management issues, narcissists have unstable emotions and temperaments. They can explode anytime if you annoy or hurt their inflated egos, either intentionally or unintentionally.

You need to be aware of the things that make a narcissist upset so that you will know how to avoid triggering their emotions. Put in mind the ultimate goal of protecting yourself from possible harm.

Read until the end as we give you 10 things that upset a narcissist.

 Number 1: They get upset when things do not go their way.

 Since narcissists are like spoiled brats, they will throw tantrums and squirm in Anger when events do not turn out according to their plans. They get upset when someone or something tries to hinder their plans. For instance, a narcissist plans to manipulate someone for personal gain. However, the targeted victim is not naive because they can detect manipulative tactics. As a result, The Narcissist fails to produce their desired outcome of fooling and exploiting their victim.

 Number 2: They get upset when someone refutes their opinions.

 Narcissists think they are all-knowing because they create a delusional sense of self-perfection. With that, they are loud and proud. They are notorious for their talkative and argumentative attitudes; they get upset when someone speaks up against them by refuting their nonsense opinions. Instead of opening their minds to other people’s points of view, they shut their ears and open their mouths to prove they are right. Thus, narcissists are narrow-minded individuals because they rely solely on their baseless claims.

 Since narcissists are great talkers but never good listeners, they will show little to no interest in your ideas. These egomaniacs always want to hold the microphone or megaphone all to themselves and will not allow others to talk. They will challenge you to a debate if you disagree with their speeches. How would you react if someone refutes your opinions? Well, do you listen to other people’s viewpoints or will you argue against them to prove that you are right?

 Number 3: They get upset when they lose in a contest.

 Narcissists do not have a spirit of sportsmanship; they always want to be the winner in everything as they are highly competitive. Since they have inflated egos, they get upset when losing in contests or Sports. Thus, narcissists should not participate in any competition if they do not know how to deal with their emotions when they lose. They manifest their undesirable Behavior through passive aggression, such as refusing to do a handshake with their opponent who won against them and not respecting the judge’s decision.

 Well, it is normal to feel a little upset when you lose in a competition. You should still display sportsmanship in front of the public because it is a sign of professionalism. You may deal with your emotions later when you are alone or with a few trusted friends or family members who can help you cope with losing. How would you react if your opponent won against you in a contest or sport? Are you willing to do a handshake to show that you respect and congratulate them for their deserved Victory?

 Number 4: They get upset when hearing criticism directed against them.

Narcissists are allergic to negative feedback; they do not want to hear anything undesirable about their character. Ironically, they conspicuously display their arrogant Behavior as they are apathetic, they think they are perfect. They reject any criticism because it makes them upset when someone highlights some negative traits of their personalities.

With that, they do not have room for improvement since they reject all areas of opportunities regarding their behaviors or performance at work or school. Instead of opening their minds to change for the better, narcissists will justify their actions because it is easier than admitting they are flawed. One of the narcissists’ goals in life is to protect their inflated egos from getting damaged.

 Number 5: They get upset when someone calls them out for their arrogance.

 Calling out a narcissist for their unreasonable behaviors would be the last thing you want to do, why? Because Narcissists still never listen to you. Instead, they will find a way to deflect the issue and pin it on you. They will accuse you of being judgmental regarding their personalities.

Narcissists are good at turning the situation around so that their mistakes will not be the highlight of the topic at hand. They will get upset if you call them out, especially in public because that would significantly damage their inflated egos. They are overprotective of their image since they have been trying to build an honorable reputation to gain other people’s trust, affection, praise, and sympathy.

 Number 6: They get upset when someone tries to discipline them.

 Narcissists are still hard-headed because they imprison their thoughts in their delusional sense of self-perfection. Since they are impulsive, they do not want to receive Corrections and restrictions. Since narcissists do not want others to call them out for their unpleasant behaviors, it means that they get upset when someone gives them disciplinary actions.

 In addition, narcissists possess a spirit of over-entitlement wherein they constantly invoke their right to Liberty and freedom when someone scolds them for their undesirable behaviors. With that, they will reject to any disciplinary actions, set before them by justifying their actions and invoking their so-called rights.

 Number 7: They get upset when other people disobey their commands.

 Narcissists have a high superiority complex wherein they think highly of themselves and lowly of others. They want to dominate their fellow humans and demand respect, obedience, and praise from them. Due to Narcissist’s superiority complex disorder, they get upset when other people rebel against their made-up sovereignty.

 Because of their impulsive nature and anger management issues, narcissists can severely punish anyone disobeying their commands. Their sense of entitlement compounded with their inflated egos and superiority complex disorder makes them hard to deal with and control.

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 Number 8: They get upset when ignored by other people.

 Narcissists are notorious for their attention-seeking behaviors; they want to get other people’s eyes and ears focused on them. Since they are self-centered, they will do everything to be in the spotlight and seize their moment. They are thirsty for the Applause and praise of the public. Because of that, they will do anything to get other people’s attention by impressing them with their tricks. However, when others are too busy to pay attention to them, narcissists get upset by it because they feel like they are invisible and unimportant.

 Number 9: They get upset when their victims strike back at them.

 Most narcissists are natural bullies. They are good at making fun of others’ flaws and weaknesses, it makes them feel strong and dominant when they bully other people. They cover their concealed feelings of inferiority by displaying their arrogant behaviors and inflated egos. However, they get upset when their victims strike back at them.

 Narcissists will not tolerate any vengeful feelings developing in their victims. They are cowardly because they usually Target Meek individuals who don’t dare to defend themselves. Sounds ironic how these bullies find happiness in poking fun at others but get upset when their victims bully them back.

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 Number 10: They get upset when someone exposes their true colors.

 Narcissists wear fancy masks to conceal their true dark colors. They have been protecting their hidden identities all their lives just to build a good image before other people’s eyes. Narcissists fear people who can read their minds and interpret their body language because they might expose their real identities to the public. They will get upset when someone unmasks them to reveal their hidden agendas. This is because narcissists are worried about the consequence that people will no longer trust them.

 When narcissists perceive you as a hindrance or barrier to their ploys, they will do their best to remove you from their lives. That way, they can operate on their schemes smoothly and successfully. Avoid involving yourself with Narcissists because they will not tolerate someone who gets in their way. When narcissists get upset, you will never know the extent of damage or harm they may impose on you. While we can’t control narcissists’ emotions, we should at least stay away from them, especially when they get upset or angry. Protect yourself from physical, emotional, and mental abuse narcissists may inflict on you.

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