3 Types of Relationships Narcissists Try to Destroy

3 Types of Relationships Narcissists Try to Destroy

Today’s article will be touching on Narcissist’s envy and how it leads to them desiring and taking away what belongs to others.

 We know Narcissists would take your money, your health, your joy, your light, and other tangible and non-tangible possessions. But they also like to take people from us by destroying our relationships with others. So, I will be focusing specifically on the types of people that narcissists like to take from us, by listing 3 types of relationships that Narcissists like to destroy.

 Let’s first talk about when the Narcissist cheats.

 Narcissists are bound to cheat, whether physically or emotionally, they will cheat on their partners. And more times than not, the person they are having an affair with is already married or in some sort of committed relationship. Narcissists like to cheat with people who are already taken. They find it more appealing to take away someone’s love interest from them or to secretly be sharing in someone’s love interest.

 Narcissists are the type of people who would secretly cheat with their best friend’s partner or even their partner’s close friend. Narcissists love to seduce and flirt, and the more forbidden it is to have someone, the more intrigued they will be to get with that person.

 When a narcissist is interested in someone, they do not care what their relationship status is. They want what they want, and they will try their best to get it. They take pleasure in seducing and convincing these people to leave their partners to be with them or to just continue being unfaithful. Narcissists are not loyal people; they are only loyal to themselves. They are not the type of people you want to have any sort of relationship with as they are bound to screw you over in one way or the next.

The other type of people Narcissists like to steal are children.

They will do what they can to take your offspring from you. Even if they don’t get to possess them for themselves, the fact that you do not get to have them is enough for the narcissist as it’s all about causing hurt and confusion. Sharing children with a narcissist can be a nightmare, as their main aim will be to use those children as a source of narcissistic supply. Narcissists give no thought as to how their actions affect anyone, even their own children.

 Narcissistic mothers see their children as tools and weapons. They also like to dig their claws into their grandchildren and turn them against their own parents if they can.

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 The final group of people narcissists like to steal are your friends and family.

 They will come in and steal their hearts and steal the show. Behind your back, they will be slandering you to turn these people against you. It always amazes me when someone’s own family sides with the narcissist who was once a stranger but are now more trusted than you ever were.

 And the same things will happen with your friends when you allow a narcissist into the mix. The whole friendship dynamic is bound to change as the narcissist will seek to get closer to your friends than you and compete for their loyalty. The narcissist’s aim will be to win their trust and get you kicked out or shunned.

 But to conclude, when a narcissist envies someone, they will try their best to take all they can from that person, and ruining their relationships is always at the top of the list. Narcissists want you to be alone and miserable, and they want to see you suffer.

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 Many people have lost heavily at the hands of a narcissist, and it takes a long time if ever to find new people they can trust and love again. Narcissists like to break bonds and sever relationships. They hate when the people around them are happy. But even more, they hate more when you are happy with someone they want for themselves. So if they can take that person away from you, they will. Or if they can convince that person to leave you or abandon you, they will.

 Destroyed and desperate is what the narcissist wants for their victims. That is why you should never let your guard down and never trust a narcissist. Because Compared to tangible things, the loss of certain relationships is what tends to have a greater impact and a sense of loss. So, whether you lose out on having a relationship with your child, or you lose some friends and family members, those are what hurt the most, and narcissists know this.

 No one is safe when it comes to narcissists. They are one of the most selfish, self-centered people you will ever come across. Their envy drives them to hate you and scheme to take things and people away from you.

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