8 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Evil Dirty People

8 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Evil Dirty People

A narcissist has an inflated view in an extreme interest in themselves. They may not appear evil to the Casual eye, but they can have evil intentions or do evil Acts.

Here are 8 reasons why narcissists are considered evil dirty people.

Number 1: They are incapable of empathy.

 Narcissists have difficulty putting themselves in other people’s shoes, which means they can understand why someone would feel the way they do. They can’t empathize with others, so they don’t feel bad when hurting someone. A narcissist might not care about your feelings unless it affects them somehow, which can be impossible for them. Since narcissists don’t care about you and don’t understand why you would be upset by their actions, they may react in ways that can hurt you.

This could mean that they lash out at you when they are angry, or it might mean that they treat you poorly without even realizing it. To a narcissist, other people are pawns or obstacles in their quest for power and Glory. They don’t care about your feelings or desires, they only care about their own needs, and how best to satisfy them at your expense. Narcissists lack remorse, so they can’t feel guilty about exploiting others’ suffering as long as it gets them what they want.

 Number 2: They used manipulation for their game.

Narcissists are evil dirty people because they use manipulation to get their way; they do this by lying, cheating, and using other people to get what they want. A narcissist will tell you they care about you when all they want is your attention and validation. They use charm and flattery to get what they want, whether it’s sex, money, or status. Narcissists tend to be selfish, self-absorbed individuals who take advantage of others for their benefit.

 A narcissist will manipulate you by playing on your emotions and making you feel guilty or sorry for them. This can be seen in many ways, saying things like: “I’m so depressed,” or “I wish I could help you.” They could also use their children to guilt someone into doing something for them. Narcissists cannot see any value in anything besides themselves. They leave their victims feeling used and abused when a relationship is over.

 Number 3: They don’t care about anyone else except themselves.

 Narcissists are evil dirty people because they don’t care about anyone except themselves. They view other people as a means to an end. They will use them to get what they want and discard them when they are no longer useful. Narcissists are incapable of love because they do not see others as human beings with emotions and feelings. Instead, they see them as objects solely for their pleasure and benefit.

Narcissists are self-centered; they will often focus on themselves in a way that excludes others from their lives. They may not have the best skills and abilities, but they simply feel they are better than everyone else around them. Narcissists think they deserve special treatment because they believe that they are superior to others.

 Number 4: They lie all the time.

 A narcissist will say anything to get what they want, even if it means lying. Not only do they tell lies, but they also tell Little White Lies and exaggerate the truth. Narcissists don’t care about the consequences of their lies because they just care about themselves and what other people think of them. They may say that you are the most beautiful person in the world, but then turn around and tell someone else that you are ugly and nobody likes you.

Narcissists will even lie to make themselves look good or make you look bad in front of other people. They might tell people that you were rude, so everyone thinks you’re awful, or they might tell people that your idea was theirs, so everyone thinks it’s a great idea. They might tell you they’re in love with you and married. Narcissists are constantly preying on people’s good nature to get what they want, so it’s important to watch out for this Behavior.

 Number 5: They can be overly aggressive or passively aggressive.

 It’s hard to predict what kind of behavior a narcissist will display in any given situation, but it’s essential to know that they are not good people. Narcissists are evil dirty people because they make everyone around them feel inadequate and uncomfortable. They are very good at making others feel bad about themselves. They don’t care about how they make others feel because they’re too busy taking up all the space in the room and making themselves feel important.

 Narcissists are often prone to being overly aggressive as a way of getting what they want. They often bully others into doing what they want or Force others to submit to their demands. They might even go as far as to abuse you or make threats against your life physically. Narcissists can also be passive-aggressive, which means they use more subtle means of aggression. They may withhold affection or be emotionally distant. Narcissists might also use guilt trips to get their way with you.

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Number 6: They are revengeful.

 Narcissists are revengeful, they will hold a grudge for years, even decades to punish you for the slightest insult or perceived slight. They may not even realize they’re doing it; it’s just so ingrained in their personality that they can’t help but seek revenge when someone has hurt their feelings. This can be seen in politics all the time. When politicians lose an election, they often blame their opponents for spreading lies about them or being unfair.

 This is because narcissists see everyone else as an ally or an enemy. If you’re not on their side, then you must be against them somehow. Narcissists also tend to be vindictive, which means they seek ways to get back at those who have hurt them. They may hold grudges or try to get back at someone in an indirect way instead of directly confronting them. They tend to be vengeful and hateful toward other people; this is one reason narcissists are evil dirty people.

 Number 7: They talk trash about you behind your back.

 Narcissists are notorious for talking smack about other people behind their backs. This can be as simple as saying something like: “She’s so annoying” or “It can get much more vicious and malicious than that.” A narcissist may say they love you but then talk about how you’re crazy and unstable. They’re likely to act friendly too, try and impress you or make themselves look good. Don’t let that fool you.

 The second they think you are not lacking, they’ll start bashing and making fun of you for being different from them. If you are with a narcissist, watch out for this Behavior. It’s crucial to stay on guard with your thoughts and feelings and watch out for what other people say about you. If someone is willing to badmouth someone else to make themselves feel better, then they are not a good person.

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 Number 8: They make you submit to them to the point of being a slave.

 They’re not satisfied with just having your love, they want you to be their slave and do everything for them. You will never get enough appreciation from them as this is how they were raised by their parents who were narcissists. When someone refuses to bow down before them, narcissists become angry and violent. They may even go as far as to try to control people through physical or emotional abuse to keep them in line with their wishes.

 Narcissists need to have control over everything in their life. This can mean they will decide for you or tell you how to think about things. They might also be very controlling in other ways, like making sure you don’t speak up about your feelings and opinions. You might think you’re just going along with the flow of things because it’s easier than standing up for yourself, but remember it’s never worth sacrificing your self-worth and happiness.

 Narcissists can’t help but show their evil dirty nature because of their self-centeredness and lack of empathy, they end up doing a lot of damage to other people. They can be good at pretending to care about others, making them difficult to identify as narcissists. Narcissists sometimes want friends and partners but more for manipulation than real friendship and relationship.

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