9 Reasons Narcissists Will Never Stop Tormenting You

9 Reasons Narcissists Will Never Stop Tormenting You

Have you ever wondered why narcissists will never stop tormenting you? This may be one of the most painfully frustrating experiences, but most don’t understand why this occurs. The reality is that narcissists can’t stop themselves from treating others poorly, no matter how aware they are that their actions are inappropriate and damaging.

 Here are 9 reasons to know why narcissists will never stop tormenting you.

 Number 1: They want to get revenge and vent their rage.

 Narcissists go against you for whatever slight they feel you’ve committed against them. Whenever someone hurts them, narcissists often respond with abundance. They may take their anger out on the person who hurts them or turn it inwards and lash out at someone else. In either case, narcissists will never stop tormenting you unless you give them what they want. Narcissists think that by making you miserable, they’ll feel better about themselves and finally be able to move on from whatever hurt they are feeling. But this is a lie. Narcissists cannot move on until something else makes them feel powerful again. They’ll keep coming back to punish you repeatedly until that happens.

 Number 2: They want to control you.

Narcissists are experts at controlling the people around them. It’s not just that they want to be in control, they need it. Narcissists can’t regulate their emotions, so they need to control others to manage their emotions and keep themselves from feeling out of control. When you first meet a narcissist, they’ll probably seem charming and charismatic, but that’s only because they’re trying to win you over. Once you’ve become attached to them, it’s easy for them to start controlling you. Narcissists find ways to make you feel bad about yourself, making you more likely to do what they want. They’ll torment you repeatedly so that you will always do what they want instead of what makes sense.

 Number 3: They want to display their dominance.

Narcissistic people are often self-centered, conceited, and arrogant. Narcissists want to display their dominance. They want to prove that you are the inferior one and they are the superior one. This is why they will never stop tormenting you because they feel it’s their right. They believe they deserve to be in charge of your life, and they’ll keep trying until you realize that too. If you ever want a narcissist to stop treating you like trash, you have to make them see that it’s not okay for them to treat anyone like trash. You have to make them understand that their actions have consequences, and those consequences can’t just be shrugged off as “just being who I am.”

 Number 4: They want to demonstrate their power and influence.

Narcissists are all about power, so they will keep tormenting you because it gives them a sense of control. The more control they have over you, the more powerful they feel. When narcissists torment you, they demonstrate their power and influence over you. Narcissists want to control the world around them, and they do this by dominating others. They also want to be seen as powerful, so they want to control their emotions. When they torment you, it’s not just about hurting you physically or emotionally, it’s about showing everyone else that they have power over you. This can be done by demonstrating how much pain they can cause through their words or actions, but it can also be done in other ways like making threats or using jokes to make people afraid of them.

 Number 5: They want you to fear them.

Narcissists want you to fear them. They want you to feel like they’re constantly watching you and that they’re always one step ahead of you. Narcissists want you to feel like they’ll make your life miserable if they don’t like what you do, and they want you to feel like if there’s something in their way of getting what they want, they will find a way to remove it. Narcissists use intimidation and threats to keep their victims in line. Narcissists want to make you afraid of them so they can hold on to the upper hand in your relationship. If they know that you’re fearful of them, they’ll have control over whether or not they choose to hurt you. Knowing that they have this power will make them feel good about themselves.

 Number 6: They want to shut down potential and actual threats.

Narcissists have an inflated view of themselves and want everyone else to be as impressed with them as they are. Narcissists wish everyone around them to see them as perfect and excellent so that no one will ever think of challenging them or taking away the power they’ve built up over the years. To keep all those people on their side, narcissists need to constantly prove how great they are. Narcissists want to shut down potential and actual threats. This is one of the reasons why they’re so controlling and manipulative. They love to make you feel like you are at fault for their behavior. Narcissists need to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you don’t become a threat to them or their reputation.

 Number 7: They want to defeat the competition.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you will constantly find yourself in situations where you feel like you’re competing for your partner’s attention and affection. Narcissists love to win, and they hate losing. They’ve won if they can destroy your self-esteem and diminish your accomplishments. Narcissists don’t care about being right or fair, they just want to win. And if you give them the opportunity, they will use every dirty tactic possible. They want to be seen and given the attention that they deserve. That is why narcissists will never stop tormenting you, even if you try to be friendly. They’ll find some way to twist your words or actions into something ugly so that they can get more attention from their friends and family than you do.

 Number 8: They want to get respect from you.

Narcissists thrive on the feeling of being respected and will never give up trying to ensure that respect is there for them. They need it, they crave it. They will do anything in their power to get it, and once they have it, they’ll never give up. That’s why narcissists will continue to mess with you in your life. Narcissists seek validation and reassurance that they are as powerful and influential as they think. If someone doesn’t give them this validation voluntarily, they’ll push for it until the person gives in. If you show them that they can’t control your behavior or emotions, they’ll try again and again until they figure out how to make you submit.

 Number 9: They want to assert their entitlement.

Narcissists don’t believe they should be held accountable for their actions. They think that the world should revolve around them. Narcissists believe they deserve whatever they want or need from others, and that we should be willing to give it to them without question. If anyone stands in the way of that or even just disagrees with them, they will do whatever they can to get you out of their way. This idea of entitlement is what drives them to torment others.

Narcissists must constantly assert their belief that they are entitled to everything they want. If you give them what they want, they will continue to torment you by demanding more and more. Expect that they will try to make sure that you suffer for it. What if we don’t comply? Narcissists are the kind of people who will never stop tormenting you no matter what. They will never see you as an equal or human being. Instead, narcissists see you as a tool to be used up and thrown away when they’re done with you. They don’t care about your feelings, and they don’t care if you’re suffering because of their actions. They will continue to do what they want, even if it hurts them.

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