Who Can Make A Narcissist Happy

Who Can Make A Narcissist Happy

Today, I want to talk about the type of person who can make a narcissist happy. I’ve already done an article on what can make a narcissist happy, where I talked about the top five things that could make them happy. But today, it’s all about who can make a narcissist happy.

 We know narcissists can’t be truly happy, but if there was a person who can reasonably satisfy the narcissist, what would it take? What would that look like? Does that type of person even exist? Whoever has to be willing to sacrifice their individuality and live a life of servitude, loneliness, and abuse with no hope of change or happiness?

 So, let me first say it is not worth trying to make any narcissists happy because they are miserable, greedy, and selfish. But aside from the physical attributes, I will be focusing more on the personality or traits that a narcissist would want.

 Narcissists fantasize about their dream partners a lot and try to fit people into that fantasy role. Of course, the narcissist is usually disappointed as what they thought existed in the person they are love bombing does not actually exist, and they begin to devalue, and in many cases, discard to go in search once again of that ideal mate.

So who can make a narcissist happy?

 1. Let’s first look at the codependent aspect.

 This is when someone cannot function on their own and whose thinking and behavior are instead organized around another person, process, or substance. In this case, it would be their lives revolve around the narcissist. They place a low priority on their own needs while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others.

 Codependents are people pleasers, so they will be looking to keep the narcissist happy in whatever their demands are. They will also put the narcissist’s needs ahead of their own. They basically hand their power to the narcissist. And the narcissist, of course, indulges in the knowledge that this person seeks their validation and thinks that they are nothing without them.

 Codependents tend to be enablers, which works in the narcissist’s favor as they want someone who will not challenge their actions or behaviors but enable them. They want someone who they can easily control, manipulate, and abuse.

 Narcissists also want someone with who they can communicate on their level. You know that one-sided communication, the narcissist does not want someone who talks too much. They just want someone who is happy to listen to them. The narcissist wants someone who will just listen and agree to what they say. They also want someone who will entertain their gossip and slander of other people. All this and more is what a codependent will allow, which is what a narcissist wants.

2. Empathy

 The narcissist needs someone who cares about them. The narcissist needs someone who will show them love, kindness, and affection. They want someone whose emotions they can manipulate. Narcissists do like a bit of a challenge if they know they are going to win of course. And playing with people’s emotions is one of their favorite pastimes.

 So having someone whose feelings they can play with and create arguments with, is very amusing for them. The narcissist loves dragon people through that maze of unfair discourse, where they gaslight, lie, and project to make the other person second-guess themselves. The narcissist likes when there is a bit of friction and drama as they enjoy breaking up and making up. They love the instability and chaotic environment that feeds their dark appetite.

 So someone who is empathetic and unaware of the emotional abuse and mental games that they play is a perfect catch for the narcissist.

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3. Loyalty

 The final much-needed trait is that the person has to be loyal. This is loyalty not to themselves but to the narcissists. The narcissist wants someone who will stroke their ego and feeds them words of affirmation to solidify their superiority and grandeur.

 With their loyalty, the narcissist knows that whatever they do or say to this person, that person will not leave them or betray them. They want someone who will help them to continue to push their false image and deceive the masses. They want someone who will be a flying monkey for them and side with them in their evilness. They want a partner in crime who will defend them and stand by them no matter what. They want someone who is willing to sacrifice their individuality and morals to please them.

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 The narcissists want loyalty to the point where they can discard this person as many times as they like, and still return whenever they want to. The narcissist wants them to be loyal to the death, in spite of any cruel treatment and pain that the narcissist puts them through.

 But to conclude, we realize that the type of person that a narcissist needs to be somewhat happy is someone who has to lose their individuality, their needs, and wants. They have to become like a zombie or a robot who has no cares or feelings of their own.

 Narcissists, basically, want a punching bag or a doormat, someone who is willing to sell their soul and be whatever the narcissist wants them to be. What narcissists require in an ideal mate is ludicrous. No one should subject themselves to such insanity for the sake of making such a wicked person happy because the truth is, they still will not be truly happy or satisfied.

Ok, that’s it for today’s topic, the type of person who can make a narcissist happy. I hope you all found this helpful, if you did, be sure to share this article with your friends and family, sharing is caring!

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